Football Federation of Armenia starts accreditation of TV, photo and radio journalists World Cup 2010 South Africa qualification round Armenia vs. Estonia match taking place on March 28 2009 at Republican Stadium, Yerevan.
The accreditations will be given by name and for the above mentioned match only.
An application by the name of the information agency manager, with the name/surname, position and a photo (3x4) of the person to be accredited is needed to be provided to FFA Press Officer. Foreign agencies’ representatives must also provide their application copies to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia.
1 /one/ journalist only from non-sports magazines, journals, TV and radio companies can be accredited. Sports journals, agencies, TV and radio companies can provide 2 /two/ journalists, football magazines, journals and agencies (with more than 40% material about Armenian football) can provide 3 /three/ journalists and photo agencies can provide 2 /two/ photographers for the accreditation.
With the exception of sports information agencies, other agencies must provide photos, articles and publications commenting Armenian football to the FFA Press Department.

At the documents must be provided to FFA before March 23 2009.

Incomplete and late documents will not be accepted for accreditation.

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