EURO-2012. Rep. of Ireland - Armenia 2:1

On October 11 Armenia team played the most important match in their history. The decisive match for the second place in group to the playoffs the European Championship. The first place has reserved the Russian team, as it would be difficult to assume, even theoretically, that Andorra team is able to take points from an opponent.

The match, held in Dublin at the Aviva stadium was won by Republic of Ireland 2-1. In the beginning of the match our players managed to seize the initiative, thereby not allowing the Irish to force the pressure as hosts do, from the first minute. Actually, Given doesn't have much work and the match proceeded as equal until the 26th minute when Roman Berezovsky was sent off. According to referee Itturalde Gonzalez, our goalkeeper played with his hand outside the penalty area, trying to prevent a dangerous attack of the home team. Berezovsky's place at the net took Arsen Petrosyan, replacing Edgar Malakyan.

At the end of the first half hosts opened the score. Followed by pass in our penalty area, Valery Alexanyan tried to manage the ball and hit his own net.

In the first 20 minutes of the second half, teams exchanged goals. And both times, goalkeepers "participated" in it. At first Petrosyan made a mistake during leaving the net and Richard Dunne threw a ball into the empty net. Three minutes later, Given, after Mkhitaryan's hit the ball into his own goal.

Ireland managed to keep the winning score. Our guys were trying to score, hosts were good in defence and carry out the sharp counterattacks. At the 81st minute the referee sent off Kevin Doyle, but the game has not changed.

Republic of Ireland won 2-1 and will play in the European Championship playoffs.

Match statistics can be found here

Photos of a match can be found here (Photos by Hakob Berberyan)

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