Mass football development program is one of the biggest, prolonged and most important programs of FFA which is considered as one of the main courses of Armenian football development together with youth football development, physical substructure improvement and other programs. The program is implemented since 2003.

Mass football includes amateur football with all its demonstrations. All the players not occupied with professional football routinely are mass football program goals including veteran, student, yard, partly incapable people, prisoner football and so forth.

During 2003-2008 about 1000 Grassroots actions were organized involving on the whole about 150 000 children, trainers, amateur sportsmen, students, veterans, politicians, journalists, and partly incapable people and so on. These mass football actions have already become a tradition today.

Coaches' and instructors' education and retraining is one of the most important part of mass football development. About 900 trainer-instructors have already been educated getting International C License. They are now entitled to work with children.

“Football in general education schools” program is one of the most important achievements of FFA Grassroots development. With initiative of FFA president Ruben Hayrapetyan Football Federation of Armenia, Sports and Youth Ministry and Ministry of Education and Science signed a trilateral contract according which football will be thought at all secondary schools since September 2009.

During 2007-2008 Football Federation of Armenia has been awarded in five different nomination of UEFA the Best Grassroots Action. On October 2008 FFA joined UEFA Grassroots Charter which proves the purposefulness of the FFA mass football development program.


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