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Dear Football Friends!

Starting from 2002 the Football Federation of Armenia has been implementing the requirements of the UEFA club licensing system. And now we’re in the 6th licensing cycle.

The FFA web site provides an opportunity to have a closer look at this all-European project. In this column we’ll familiarize you with UEFA and FFA Club Licensing Manuals and Regulations, multiple articles and statements created by various UEFA, FFA and other National Associations Club Licensing specialists, as well as other important documents.

Moreover, we’ll do our best to provide you with prompt translation of all the web site materials to ensure that it will be available for our compatriots from Diaspora, as well as for other foreign visitors.

Don’t hesitate to send your enquiries and/or questions on the club licensing system to [email protected]. Our specialists and experts will immediately turn to you with highly qualified assistance.

Respectfully yours,

(Head of Licensing Department)

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