The 16th annual awards ceremony of the championship of Armenia.

The 16th annual ceremony of seasson 2007 awards of Armenian football was held yesterday, on the 5th of December, at Harsnakar restaurant complex. The announcer of the evening; Mark Saghatelyan congratulated the players, coaches and all the participants of the evening with the end of 2007 season and invited Mr. Ruben Hayrapetyan, the president of the Football Federation of Armenia to make a little speech.

Mr. Hayrapetyan greeted all the participants and the audience and congratulated everyone with the end of the season . He mentioned and hoped that this year can be considered as "the year of birth of the Armenian Football" and that in the future Armenian players will be able to gladden their admirers with beautiful and stable games.

Thereupon, for the first time in the history of award giving ceremony, the champion team of futsal, the best player and the best scorer were honored. Vahan Sargsyan from FC Amik, who now plays for FC Tal Grig, was awarded as the best player. The title of the top goalscorer was given to Armen Gyulambaryan, who was the forward of FC Adana and currently plays in Cyprus. Gold medals were awarded to FC Politechnik.

The next group on the stage were the players, coaches and the managers of Pyunik 2, club, who occupied first place in First League for the forth time in a raw. The players were awarded with medals, diplomas, and also with "Fair Play" winner’s diploma of the first group. At the end the team received the champions' cup.

FC Kilikia received congratulations and was honored with a "Fair Play"diploma of Premier League.

Thereupon came the time for giving individual awards, which were defined by the media.
The reward for the top goalscorer was handed over to FC Ararat forward, Marcos, who scored 22 times. Unfortunately he wasn’t present at the evening, so the reward received FC Ararat coach Razmik Grigoryan:
By "Goal+pass" 26 points, Markos was recognized as the winner by “Proffootball” TV program editor Senik Kara Poghosyan.
The season’s top discovery award was given to the forward of FC Pyunik Gevorg Ghazaryan. The award was handed over by the chief editor of Football+ weekly newspaper, Ashot Martirosyan.

The award for the most reliable young defender was given by the Danish Hummel company to FC Pyunik defender Robert Arzumanyan.

By the decision of the referees' committee of FFA, the best referee of the year was recognized FIFA referee Ararat Chagharyan.

Before the rewarding of Premier League teams, another important event took place; the rewarding of the best player.

The best player of 2007 was recognized the midfielder of FC Pyunik Levon Pachajyan.

Thereupon, FC Mika, the bronze medal winners were asked to come on the stage. It was only last day of championship FC Mika managed to pass over FC Ararat and take over the 3rd place. The players, coaches and the managers were awarded with bronze medals and diplomas.

The vice-champions of Armenia were also invited on the stage. Just like last season, the silver medals were handed over to FC Banants. The players, coaches and the managers were rewarded with silver medals and diplomas.

The award ceremony was concluded by the managers and the players of multiple champion of Armenia, FC Pyunik.

This year, FC Pyunik, for the 7th time in a raw, received the title of the champion of Armenia.

The players, coaches and the managers of the clubs received their medals, diplomas and the champions' cup from the President of the FFA Mr. Ruben Hayrapetyan.

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