Armenia National Team in Brussels

Before the match

Armenia National Team arrived in Brussels yesterday October 9 and settled in Marriot Hotel. The team holds its first training at Saint Gill club’s Joseph Marian stadium. All our 20 players were present at the training to prepare for World Cup 2010 Qualification round group stage match against Belgium.
Today October 10 Armenian National Team holds its pre-match training at Brussels “Roi Baudouin” stadium where the above mentioned match will take place. During the training the Team was divided into conditional A and B teams playing against each other. Team B won the match 1:0 and Gevorg Ghazaryan scored the only goal at the match. All players of the team are ready for the upcoming match on October 11, no one has injuries. Tomorrow Jan Poulsen will announce those 18 players who will take part in Belgium vs. Armenia match.

Armenia National team Head Coach Jan Poulsen answered to the journalists’ questions after the training mentioning that he considers Belgium as a difficult rival. “Belgium is a very good team and it’s obvious that they will try to attack at all times and spend as much time at the opponent’s field as possible. But it’s possible to fight them as well and I’ve told my guys that the most important thing is being confident and enter the field of play with no fear. We will do our best to show our better abilities and achieve a good result”, Mr. Poulsen said.

Belgium vs. Armenia pre-match opinions

Levon Pachajyan, midfielder, GAIS Sweden

“We have a very difficult match to play, we have many things to prove after last fails and I wish to get two points at least. I’ll be more or less satisfied just in case of earning two points minimum. I think that Belgium National Team is much stronger then Bosnia National Team. Well, I haven’t seen their last matches but I have read about them a lot and I suppose they are much stronger this year then during the last season. Belgium has always been an inconvenient rival for us. We always lose against them despite of good play. But the expectations are different this year. Beside I wish we score against Belgium at last and that will also be our first goal at this qualification round”.

Sargis Hovsepyan, defender, Pyunik

I have a lot of expectations from the upcoming matches. We have favorable conditions within the team and we must keep it after the first match as well. Belgium is a good team and we don’t have to think long to understand that. It is enough to remember that they played in one level against Euro 2008 runner-up Turkey National Team at out match and the rival could avoid defeat at the middle of the second half only. . I’ll feel satisfied if we earn at least two points from the upcoming matches since I think that the draw could be a good result. I will not mention any player from Belgium National Team. Their strength is in their collective play. I also feel that we will undoubtedly score at this match. Everything generally ends, even the fails against Belgium.

Alexander Tadevosyan, defender, Vitebsk Belarus

Both Belgium and Bosnia are quite difficult opponents but it is real to get points playing against them. I also think that getting two points at the upcoming matches is a good result. Belgium National Team may be much stronger but I don’t think it has any superstars, for example Daniel van Byuten, performing in such a grand club as Bayern Munich, can’t be considered as a first-rate football star. I am sure we will score our first goal against Belgium at World Cup 2010 Qualification round group stage. Let’s wait and see what will happen. Anyhow, I have a lot of expectations from the matches.

Aghvan Mkrtchyan, defender, Gomel Belarus

Of course, in FIFA ranking of both Belgium and Bosnia teams is much higher then ours but it doesn’t mean that we have no chances. We can fight them and even more, I hope to earn four points against them. There are no invincible rivals today. Of course they have players performing for European first-class clubs and leagues but we have to be confident and enter the field to play with positive mood and fight them. I and all my teammates expect to score a goal against Belgium. I know we have sad match statistics against Belgium – 8 scores in 4 matches but we will do our best to infringe that sad tradition.

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