Belgium vs. Armenia post-match reactions

On October 11 Armenia National Team suffer a 2:0 defeat against Belgium National Team at Brussels “Roi Baudouin” stadium within the frames of World Cup 2010 Qualification round group stage. One day later when all the passions quieted down we can estimate the situation calmly. Armenia Head Coach Jan Poulsen and goalkeeper Roman Berezovsky expressed their views about the last and upcoming matches to FFA official website.

Jan Poulsen, Armenia National Team Head Coach

You can never be satisfied with the match when you lose. I watched the match once again Sunday morning with Vardan Minasyan. I want to say that we played organized and well in general during the first half. But unfortunately we made two simple mistakes. Let me mention that Belgium didn’t make those perilous moments but we gave them the goals. During the halftime in the dressing-room I told the guys that we have to play more aggressively and we could make it during the second half sometimes. The rival surely combined 2-3 very dangerous counterattacks but we have no such moments during the second half. Worth to mention that Belgium was counterattacking and not attacking in spite of home match. Anyhow our team worked hard and made very good impression especially at the beginning of the first half. We all of course are disappointed with the match result but we understand that none of our players wanted to make mistakes. The rival always punishes at such high level matches and it’s very difficult to win the match with mistakes like that. As for the substitutions for upcoming match I would like to say that we always discuss different possibilities and it is not unlikely to make them.
As to the upcoming match I would like to say that Bosnia National Team is a very good one and there is a big difference when they play home and out matches. If I’m not mistaken they won just 2-3 out matches during past three years. We are similar in this respect since Armenia National Team plays the home matches much better. Some Belgium players play in European famous clubs and we are going to play a very complicated match.
As for choosing more attacking squad I would like to say that we have made some changes after Belgium vs. Armenia match witch means that I see the possibility of playing with more attacking stuff.

Roman Berezovsky, Armenia National Team Goalkeeper

The guys played better comparing with the first two matches but there is no result yet. We lost the vigilance for a moment and the rival punished us. We will do our best for the next match. As for the young players I see sparkle in their eyes, they are willing and that’s very good. I fully agree that the squad didn’t change after Ian Porterfield. I once told in an interview and I’ll repeat again that we had special situation in that time, when the coach was sick and all the team every player wanted to support him playing overstrained and doing his best and that’s why we had good results at some matches.
We will do our best in Bosnia to get a better result.

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