Bosnia and Herzegovina vs. Armenia post-match reactions

On October 15 Armenia National Team suffer a 4:1 defeat against Bosnia and Herzegovina National Team at Zenice “Bilino Pole” stadium within the frames of World Cup 2010 Qualification round group stage. Armenia National Team Head Coach Jan Poulsen and forward Robert Zebelyan expressed their views about last matches to FFA official website.

Jan Poulsen, Armenia National Team Head Coach

Bosnia surpassed us in this match especially at the first half. The two inexcusable mistakes forced us to pull out the ball twice from our own goals and it was very difficult to resettle and play on one level with emotively raising Bosnia after that.

I see two different tactics comparing Bosnia and Belgium National Teams. Belgium is young but fast and Bosnia is more aggressive and organized and there is a big difference when they play home and out matches.

However, let’s agree that a very heavy schedule fell to our share. We had just one home match against Turkey and then three out matches in a row against strong rivals. I don’t try to vindicate myself and I am sure that we have to draw correct conclusions from these defeats and go on.

Robert Zebelyan, Armenia National Team Forward

I am dissatisfied with my play. I had injuries during the whole season. The last one I got at the training after Armena vs. Turkey match and I haven't been in trainings for a long time. That's why I am not in good form. As for my substitution I can't say if it was because of my injury but I got my hand swollen after the match and it hurts badly.

We couldn't manage to counterattack today and they, Rahimovic mainly, could easily get the ball and start quick attacks. We were short of action at the first line and it's very diffucult to achieve something without that. Bosnia had many good players, especially Dzeko who could manage to get the ball all the time and act excellent individually.

We had played against all our strong rivals already and three of them were out matches. I think that we will be able to play much better at home matches against both Belgium and Bosnia. We can improve our play, we just have to draw correct conclusions from the matches we had.

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