Ruben Hayrapetyan: “I don’t intend blaming the coach in everything”

On October 30 FFA President Mr. Ruben Hayrapetyan’s press conference took place at FFA Headquarters.

FFA new official logo versions were presented at first. The versions were discussed with the journalists present at the press conference. The new official logo will be confirmed at the FFA annual meeting at the end of the year. Worth to mention that FFA new logo will be used just with administrative purposes and Armenia National Teams’ kit will bear Armenia State Emblem only.

FFA President answered the journalists’ questions after that.

“What are the future plans concerning Armenia National Team Head Coach Yan Poulsen after four unsuccessful matches?”

“Of course I am dissatisfied with National Team games but I don’t intend blaming the coach in everything. Let’s discuss the matter in other way: did the players fight and do their best in the field of play or not? I am dissatisfied with almost all the players. I can even tell the names of those four players who really fight for the ball: Roman Berezovsky, Sargis Hovsepyan, Robert Arzumanyan and Artur Voskanyan. All the others made insipid impression. They were provided with all necessary conditions including trainings and hotels. What can the coach do if the players are simply in bad form? The coach has just four days at his disposal and how can he recover the payers’ good physical form during that short period of time? They simply were not ready to play. I hope you understand me right. I don’t want to say that they were not willing to play since the player who is not willing to do his best and make all his efforts for the National Team will never be invited to play in it. For example, there is no way that Levon Pachajyan didn’t want to play; he was just not in good form. I want to say its not impossible firing the coach anytime but we need real and forcible reasons to do that. I would also like to say that more and more young players will be invited to play in National Team, they may lose but they will gain experience.”

Mr. Ruben Hayrapetyan turned back to our other age National Teams too mentioning that they play satisfactorily. “But we shouldn’t have too much expectation about the players born in 1991 since they can’t totally justify our hopes. Look back at the years they started their first steps in football. We didn’t even have fields at that time so I think it’s wrong blaming these guys. I will be very happy if we have one or two good players from these ages who will perform in National Team in the future. Let me say that we have quite different situation in other age groups. All the players born since 1993 had been trained in excellent conditions and had no food or playing fields problems. Besides, we got another serious problem, so called star illness, which many Armenian players are ill with. The problems start when a young player is once invited to play in U-17 National Team. They already think they richly deserve playing is such grand clubs as Barcelona or Juventus.”

“How would you comment on Arkadi Andresayan’s recent critical interview on “Kentron” TV?”

“I cannot comment upon everyone’s talk but I would like to speak about one matter. Arkadi Andreasyan demanded my resignation. I want to say at first that I don’t catch at the chair and if I see that our society wants me to resign I will resign and leave my post immediately. We just have to understand one simple thing: FFA President doesn’t have to enter the field and score. If anyone has any complaints about work organization, providing competent conditions for National Teams, local competitions or any financial or economic matters, I am ready to listen to but it is not fair blaming the President in National Team’s failures. I want to say again if I feel that the society wants me to resign I will resign immediately”.

“We have just 8 clubs in our Star National League. Don’t you think that this small number of clubs is not able to completely support Armenian football development?”

“This is really a big problem, we have just 8 clubs. We don’t have first league clubs at all as it became a “substitutes’ league”. The businessmen don’t want or don’t have enough means to found new clubs but we possibly will have one or two more clubs in near future, witch is very important in our situation”.

Mr. Ruben Hayrapetyan thanked the journalists at the end and left the press-conference hall.

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