Armenia Women National Team Awarded

Armenia Women National Team awards took place at FFA headquarters on November 26 in connection with winning the international friendly tournament first place held in F. Y. R. of Macedonia.

FFA Futsal and Women Football Committee Chairman Tovmas Grigoryan made a speech of welcome: “I want to congratulate everyone in this hall and express my gratitude to National Team every member, coaches, managers and leaders. A very firm team is building up which will be able to solve serious problems in near future. A hard work had been done and we can reap the fruits of its labour today already. Let me congratulate you once again and hope that this is the beginning of upcoming success”.

Head of FFA Disciplinary Committee Ruben Sinoyan and Head of FFA Referees’ Committee Levon Hasratyan, who are FFA Executive Committee members too, joined the congratulations and thanked Women National Team members.

Pecuniary prize has been awarded to team players, head coach Samvel Adamyan, and head coach assistant Liana Hayrapetyan, masseur Nazeli Manukyan and Armenia Woman National Team manager Knarik Abelyan.

FFA Executive Director Armen Minasyan made a concluding speech thanking the players for brilliant result and mentioning that FFA makes little but stable steps towards women football development year by year and will be consistent in achieving a success in this field.

Armenia National Team Head Coach Samvel Adamyan gave a short interview to FFA official website after the awards.
“I want to congratulate our team members over again. The team is at forming stage at the moment and we have a lot of things to do yet. I would like to mention that I had to choose National Team players among 24 players only and we took the strongest ones to F. Y. R. of Macedonia. Giving a mark to the friendly tournament I can say that all the teams played in one level. I was nicely impressed by F. Y. R. of Macedonia National Team which has two high-class players. Out team played well but didn’t show the whole of it’s abilities. We had superiority at almost all matches but we didn’t use our all scoring chances. I consider this and upcoming friendly tournaments in 2009 in Yerevan as European Championship qualification round preparatory stage. We have training camp on 15-20 December this year. Our main purpose is building a strong European team which will be able to compete with the strongest as equals. We still have a psychological problem within the team: during the past competitions our team used to enter the field of play for escaping from big difference defeat. This circumstance disturbs a lot and it was obvious even in F. Y. R. of Macedonia when having a big superiority we stepped back despite pressing on rival and develop the success. Anyhow, I assure you that we will struggle in international field and do our best to qualify for the finals”, Armenia Women National Team Head Coach Samvel Adamyan said.

In addition, Armenia Women National Team won the international friendly tournament held in F. Y. R. of Macedonia on 7-12 November. Our team won the matches against Estonia and Malta, tied a draw with F. Y. R. of Macedonia and earning 7 points won the tournament Champion Title.

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