Armenia Football 17th Awards Ceremony takes place

On December 23 Armenia Football 17th Awards Ceremony took place at FFA Headquarters. After the speech of welcome the spectators were shown 2008 concluding football clip.

The first Champion Cup, gold medals and diplomas were awarded to futsal champion Politekhnik. Karen Mikaelyan (Politekhnik FC) was awarded as the best forward and Grigor Kapukranyan (Tal Grig FC) as the best football player of the year. Tal Grig FC in its turn made a present for “90 rope” sports newspaper for the best futsal interpretation in Armenia.

Then Shengavit players were invited to the stage to be rewarded with First League Champion Cup and gold medals.

Later on STAR National League first, second and third place winners were awarded. FFA President Ruben Hayrapetyan rewarded STAR National League Champion Pyunik FC with Champion Cup and gold medals.
Many prizes have been given to players in different nominations. Sargis Hovsepyan (Pyunik FC) was recognized as the best player of the year. The best striker 2008 (17 scores) Marcos PIzzelli (Ararat FC) was rewarded with Golden Boot. Various companies and press has prepared prizes in different nominations. Football National League main sponsor STAR awarded Pyunik FC player Tigran Voskanyan for scoring the best goal of the year at Super Cup match. Armenia National Teams’ technical sponsor Hummel made a present for Marcos Pizzeli as the best legionary of the year. Armenia Development Bank awarded Pyunik FC player Henrikh Mkhitaryan as “the progress of the year”. VEGA has prepared a present for the best referee of the year Ararat Chagaryan. Company Telecom made presents for the best referee and The Champion Pyunik FC players. Sports newspaper Football Plus awarded Edgar Malakyan (Pyunik FC) and Albert Tadevosyan (Pyunik FC) in nomination 'The revelation of the year'. Weekly Proffootball recognized Albert Tadevosyan (Pyunik FC) as the best young player of the year. In “The event of the year” nomination sports newspaper Total Football awarded Pyunik FC players Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Karlen Mkrtchyan for scoring the goals at the match against Turkey U-21 team. Worth to mention that Armenia won the match 2:1.

FFA President Ruben Hayrapetyan gave a speech at the end of awards ceremony congratulating everyone with upcoming New Year and Christmas. Later on Mr. Hayrapetyan awarded sports newpapers Football Plus, 90 Rope, Football 365 and Proffootball for the best football interpretation.

At the and of ceremony Mr. Hayrapetyan rewarded Sargos Hovsepyan with 'VAZ 2121 NIVA' car for his merits and in connection with playing the hundredth match for Armenia National Team.

Armenian Development Bank Hummel