FFA president Ruben Hayrapetyan speech at FIFA World Player Gala 2008

Dear Mr. President,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Sports and especially football have always been considered as effective means of establishing mutual confidence, common understanding and friendly relations. We are glad that the match between the national teams of Turkey and Armenia was favored with such a high estimate by the international football family.
Our aim was to pave a way of honest and mutually beneficial relations between our two neighboring countries by means of a fair football match. That was the logic of the invitation extended by the President of the Republic of Armenia, Mr. Serzh Sarkissyan. His Turkish colleague turned it into a joint effort by accepting that invitation.
We should use the inspiration caused by that match and move forward. The fair play is about communication without any pre-conditions, accusations or “hidden rocks”. So no pre-conditions should exist between neighbors and any disagreement may and should be fixed by means of a dialogue and fair play.

Thank you.

Armenian Development Bank Hummel