Jan Poulsen: “This is the hardest job I have ever got”

After announcing Armenia National team squad Jan Poulsen answered the journalists questions. The coach talked about the missing players first. “Let’s start from Karamyan brothers. FC Timisoara made a request to allow the brothers stay in the club, as the Romanian club has a new head coach who wants to test his players. FC Timisoara will be in Spain by that time to spend four friendly matches. So we complied with the club request for the welfare of our players first. As for Levon Pachajyan, everyone knows that he was very close to join Greek FC PAOK, but the transfer didn’t completely take place. Levon stayed at FC GAIS, which will be holding a training camp in USA by that time, so we considered it would be very uncomfortable for him to come to Cyprus for one match only and then leave back to USA. Now let me talk about Hovhannes Goharyan, who has got injured and is looking for a new team right now. I mentioned his name in the enlarged list of the team but the injury prevented him to join the National team this time. Hamlet Mkhitaryan and Karen Aleksanyan didn’t find place in the list, too, but it doesn’t mean that they will not be invited to the National team anymore. They continue being National team candidates. Roman Berezovski asked to allow him stay at his club. We decided to comply with his request too, since we will have chance to test other goalkeepers that way. Besides, Berezovski has to strengthen his position in FC Khimki. We included Robert Zebelyan in the list, but he is busy with seeking a new club and he will possibly made a request for not coming to Cyprus with us. We will invite another forward in that case. We will start the training camp on February 7. After two days training in Yerevan we will leave for Cyprus on February 9 and continue the camp there. I would like to mention, that Aleksandr Tadevosian, Aghvan Mkrtchyan and Ara Hakobyan will join us in Cyprus already, as their team FC Mika will be in Turkey by that time”, - Mr. Poulsen said.

What was the reason of the unsuccessful results in 2008 and do you think you have your fault in the failures?

“Sure, I also have my fault in that, but everyone can be mistaken and I am optimistic over the future and I would like to advance. We have a very important match to play against Estonia and we must do our best to win. It will be the first training camp after the match against Bosnia and the last one before the match with Estonia. We have to prepare well for it”.
As is well known Jan Poulsen also is the National Teams’ technical director. He referred to our other National Teams’ head coaches` appointment as well. “I have already talked about that with FFA Executive Director Armen Minasyan and FFA President Ruben Hayrapetyan, and I can say that in the middle of February it will be clear who will be the head coaches of our U-17, U-19 and U-21 teams”, - Mr. Poulsen said.
Armenia National Team head coach also talked about his impression of Armenian football he gained during a year he spent in Armenia. “I am really impressed with the work in the clubs. Armenia has good players; the problem is in the infrastructure. For example, we have just one-two fields where we can hold trainings during winter. We speak a lot about football development in the regions, but where can the trainings be held there in such weather conditions?
Let me refer to the trainers’ qualification. UEFA created a new educational-methodic system for the coaches. We have already visited Ukraine and Spain within the frames of that program. We will leave for Croatia to take part in seminars taking place during February 2-10. Besides, we organize trainer seminars in Armenia, too.
On the whole, I am satisfied with my work and I feel great in Armenia, but every time I talk to my compatriots I mention that this is the hardest job I have ever got, since I have some problems to communicate with the players personally“, - Mr. Poulsen said.
At the end of conference Jan Poulsen told some words in Armenian at journalists’ desire: “Hello, how are you, I’m ok, sometimes…” After that Mr. Poulsen thanked the presents and left the press-conference hall.

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