Today on April 1 information appeared in Estonian press about Estonia Football Federation President Ayvar Pohlak blaming Football Federation of Armenia for scurrilous behaviour. FFA Executive Director Armen Minasyan commented on case in FFA official website to make the unpleasant incident clear.

“It’s hard to imagine Estonia Football Federation President behaving that way, especially taking into account the warm, I can even say friendly relationship we had with Estonian Federation.
As soon as Armenia National Team arrived in Tallinn we were told that it has been raining in Tallinn the day before and because of that Tallinn A Le Coq stadium, where Estonia vs. Armenia match was going to take place, was not in good fettle so we probably would have to hold our training at another stadium with artificial turf in A Le Coq neighborhood. As it was scheduled Armenia National Team arrived at A Le Coq stadium at 17:00cet. The weather was good during the whole day and in our opinion the stadium was in normal fettle for pre-match training. We were allowed to hold training and asked not to do many exercises with the ball if it was possible. As soon as the players entered the field a man came down the tribune and jumped on the delegation crying out indecent curses (literally scoundrels, rogues...). It turned out later that it was Estonia Football Federation President Ayvar Pohlak. In answer to our requests to stop crying and swearing and behave as it befits each normal person and each Federation President particularly, he kept on jumping on the players. FFA President Ruben Hayrapetyan only managed to calm him down and FFA administration decided to take out the players from the field.
As for Estonia Football Federation President blame, it simply is a lie and doesn’t represent the facts. To Mr. Pohlak’s strange announcement “They made threatening gestures about what will happen to us if we get in the same group again” I would like to add that he is not even informed that our U-21 and Woman National Teams are already in the same groups and we on the contrary are going to host them much better to make him understand what the real hospitality is. We have already show how we receive guests in Yerevan.
By the way, the great number of regrets we got from our Estonian colleagues also proves who is right and who is wrong. They were surprised with their President’s behavior, too. This person is well-known with his abnormal behaviour. Worth to mention that Pohlak expressed willingness to meet FFA President Ruben Hayrapetyan personally to ask his pardon.
I would like to mention that except this unpleasant incident and the President’s such behaviour Estonia Football Federation all other stuff was very kind and accorded a proper welcome to us and I would like to tender my thanks to them for that”.

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