Estonia Football Federation President makes excuses

FFA media office has already informed about the unpleasant incident taken place on March 31 at Tallinn A Le Coq stadium on the eve of 2010 World Cup Qualifiers Estonia vs. Armenia match. On the next day Estonia Football Federation President Ayvar Pohlak blamed Armenian delegation in Estonian press permitting himself offensive and obscene expressions. As FFA official website has already informed Ayvar Polhak expressed willingness to meet FFA President Ruben Hayrapetyan later to ask his and the Armenian delegation pardon. FFA President Ruben Hayrapetyan agreed to accept the excuse publicly and with the presence of journalists only since the information appeared in press didn’t represent the facts.
10 minutes before Estonia vs. Armenia match Estonia Football federation President made his excuses to Ruben Hayrapetyan with the presence of about 30 journalists hoping to keep the warm relationship in the future. The apology was accepted by FFA President.

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