Vardan Minasyan is appointed as Armenia National Team acting head coach

On April 9 2009 FFA Executive Committee N3 meeting took place at FFA Headquarters. The meeting was presided over by FFA President Ruben Hayrapetyan putting the National Team Head Coach candidature question on the agenda.
Ruben Hayrapetyan explained the reasons of the National Team’s failures at 2010 WC Qualifires as well as the Head Coach Jan Poulsen discharging from office. Afterwards he suggested examining Mika FC Ivo Shushak’s candidature as Armenia National Team Head Coach. The Croatian specialist has wide experience in this field and in case of successfully work he would be given a chance to sign a long-term contract.
As a result of long discussions the Committee arrived at a conclusion that the National Team must have a local experienced leader and it is inexpedient to invite a foreign trainer at this stage.
In the upshot FFA Executive Committee came to a decision to appoint Vardan Minasyan as Armenia National Team acting head coach considering him the most proper candidate for that position. Vardan Minasyan has worked with the team for long time and he knows the players and their abilities better then anyone else.

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