FIFA Transfer Matching System Workshop at FFA Headquarters

The 57th FIFA Congress in Zurich (on 30 and 31 May 2007) decided to introduce a transfer matching system as a part of the work of the FIFA Task Force “For the Good of the Game”.

The objective of the transfer matching system is, on the one hand, to make sure that football’s authorities have detailed information available to them on each and every transfer, and on the other hand, to increase the transparency of individual transactions, which will in turn improve the credibility and standing of the entire transfer system.

The transfer matching system will be applicable to international transfers of professional players only.

The basic principle behind the system is that clubs involved in an international transfer will, independently of each other, enter information relating to the transfer into a specific web-based application.

In this connection on 4-5 May 2009 the corresponding workshop was held by FIFA at FFA headquarters. The workshop was organized and run by the FIFA TMS representatives Ms. Sonia Gusella and Mr. Amaury de Bruijn. The aim of the workshop was to train the FFA TMS responsibles Ms. Satenik Amiranyan (Head of the International Department) and Ms. Naira Abramyan (International Department); in particular- to give them proficient and clear information about the system, outlining its key principles for the further use and adjustment. The workshop also intended to give thorough understanding of the web-based application system to the Armenian Championship Premier and First League clubs’ representatives, participating in the workshop.
First day was devoted to the theory of the workshop, which was followed by the corresponding practical session, when the participants were asked to use the special web-based system by entering fictitious transfers (“test” system).
Non- disclosure agreements (sent by FIFA earlier) were distributed to the workshop participants, who were to sign them as to the non-disclosure of the information in the framework of the transfer matching system.
The second day was related to the ‘’real’’ practical session and the participants were to enter all the details of their international transfer transactions made by them in the last two years.

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