Arno SARGSYAN: "Ararat" FC has agreed with the decision of the Licensing Committee"

On 13 March Top Management of "Ararat" FC has called a press conference, during which it was declared that, "Ararat" FC didn’t break either terms, or any financial criterion of the club licensing system, for which it could lose its right for participation in UEFA Europa League tournament. The FFA official web site has applied to the FFA Licensing Manager Arno Sargsyan for clarifications.

- Mr. Sargsyan, how would you comment the statement of "Ararat" FC managers that the club did not break any terms and financial criterion of the licensing system?

- I would not like to talk profusely in response to the statement of those «well known» persons of "Ararat" FC, and the only thing I wish is to familiarize your users with the missive of "Ararat" FC dated 13 May, which they named “The appeal of the Licensing Committee’s decision”. Let your readers decide whether it is possible to name it “the appeal”, considering the fact that the club president, who has signed it, completely agreed with the decision of the FFA Licensing Committee. I think that this letter explains everything. By the way, I’d like to stress that it was brought to the FFA just 1 hour before the aforesaid press conference.
Concerning breaches of terms, first of all, I’d like to notice that in certain cases it is considered by UEFA as a more serious offence rather than presentation of an incomplete documentation.
What has occurred in fact? Without breach of the deadline, "Ararat" FC has presented the letter with indication that the club has only started correction (revision) of those considerable errors which have been detected by the club auditors and the FFA Licensing Department experts at the initial stage of inspections. This document is simply an inquiry to the State register of legal entities of the Republic of Armenia. That means that the club has breached the deadline for errors revision, and it is difficult to believe that managers of "Ararat" FC do not realize this fact.

- At the same press conference managers of "Ararat" FC have expressed the surprise concerning the fact that FC "Mika" also has participated at this stage of the licensing process, though the team has not gain the right to participate in the European tournaments.

It can be astonishing only for people far from nowadays football processes. In relation to charges that FC "Mika" has been involved into that stage of licensing process as the destiny of "Ararat" has been predetermined beforehand, I'd like to say that this is an elementary condition of the club licensing system, and all licence applicants, including «Ararat» FC, are aware of that. According to it, each licence applicant, which still has the possibility to be qualified for participation in European club tournaments, can start some preliminary works in early February and then present to the FFA corresponding documentation. All clubs have been informed about it with a dedicated letter.
Moreover, not only FC "Mika", but also FC "Ulisses" have started these works, and only after failure in Armenia’s Cup tournament, FC «Ulisses» has suspended its participation in this process. As to FC "Mika", the club has presented all documentation, and according to licensing requirements, if documents are presented, the licensing body is simply obliged to study the case and issue its verdict.
Besides, I’d like to remind you the case from 2004, when FC "Mika" has qualified from UEFA Intertoto Cup into UEFA Cup competition based on the results of UEFA Fair Play competition, while the next nearest club FC «Kotayk» couldn't play in UEFA Intertoto Cup for absence of a licence. Because of that Armenia has lost its place in UEFA Intertoto Cup.
Considering the above-stated sad case, the FFA began to urge clubs to participate actively in the licensing processes, while after the beginning of so called "national" licensing (UEFA season 2007/08) we also urge them to participate in financial criteria implementation either. I’d like to add that any Top Division club can participate at this stage of licensing process.
I stress that all licence applicants know about it. Moreover, they are obliged to know about it. Such are the requirements (criteria) of the club licensing for everybody, and we spoke about it again and again at various meetings, seminars, workshops, etc. Why do «Ararat» managers try to pretend that they were not aware of the aforesaid? I leave the question open for your readers.

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