Switzerland vs. Armenia and Armenia vs. Turkey U-21 pre-match opinions

Artak Dashyan, midfielder (Banants FC)

We all are going to leave for Switzerland with good mood intending to win the match. We got some idea about the rival. We know that they often use 4-4-2 model. We got some information about their leaders, too. Turkey also has a good team but our guys proved last year that we can defeat them. It is hard to compare these two teams. I may do that after the matches. I like working with our head coach Flemming Serritslev. There is a little language difficulty but the most important thing is that we speak one general football language.
We surly aspire to gain 6 points during the upcoming matches but I will also be contented even if we gain 4 points. Anyways, we will do our best to win both matches.

Karlen Mkrtchyan, midfielder (Pyunik FC)

We start 2011 Europe U-21 Championship qualifiers with the match against Switzerland so it is very important to win. We got some information about our rivals and I think we prepared well for the upcoming matches. Let me repeat that it is very important to start the qualifiers well and we are going to meet Turkey after that. The match against Turkey means much more for me. I think we are going to play in good psychological climate. We have a good fighting team with a lot of young players in the team and I think we will perform very well during the qualifiers. I expect to get 4 points at upcoming two matches but I will surly do my best to win them both. We could win the match against Turkey last year and I am sure that we will be able to defeat them again with coordinated and disciplined play. There is nothing impossible!

Hovhannes Goharyan, forward (BATE, Belarus)

We all have one goal and that is victory. Each of us understands that we really are able to fight to qualify for the next round. We are leaving for Switzerland with a purpose to win only. I got a lot of expectations from two upcoming matches. I wish we perform really well at the matches and feel optimistic towards the future. But it doesn’t mean that we must not respect our rivals. They are really strong. So I think that draw with Switzerland and victory against Turkey at home with a really good play would be a nice start for us. The team atmosphere is fine. Everyone makes great efforts during the trainings since all are professionals.
As for my transfer to BATE, Belarus I would like to say that I am very contented with it. BATE is a very strong team. Well, I can’t play a lot for now but it doesn’t mean that they don’t trust me. I talk a lot with the coach and he always says that he pins great hopes on me. Some time ago I asked him to let me play in the second team in order to get more playing practice. “No, you are a main team player and I have big prospects concerning you”, he told. So I am waiting for my chance!

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