2011 UEFA European U-21 Championship, Armenia vs. Turkey 2:5

On June 9 at Republican Stadium in Yerevan Armenia U-21 National Team played its second match within the frames of 2011 UEFA European U-21 Championship qualification round. The rival was Turkey U-21 National Team this time. The guests opened the match score already at the first minutes of the match: Deniz Yilmaz scored. The teams played as equals after that getting several chances to score each. During the first half extra time Turkey player Aydin Yilmaz doubled the score. At the 4th minute of the second half Armenia U-21 National Team defender Gagik Daghbashyan was showed a red card. Turkey forward Mustafa Pektemek converted the penalty scoring the third goal for his team. At 60th minute Pektemek score his second goal at the match making the match tally 0:4. At 71st minute Henrikh Mkhitaryan managed to score and diminish the match score difference but just a minute later Turkey player Yigit Gyokoglan scored the fifth goal for his team. At 78th minute of the match Turkey Omer Hasan Sismanoglu was showed a red card and the teams had to continue playing with ten players each. At the last minutes of the match Artak Dashyan scored. The match ended 2:5 in faviour of Turkey.
Armenia U-21 National Team will play its next match on September 4 2009 hosting Switzerland U-21 National Team.


Republican Stadium, Yerevan

Referee - Cristoph Virant (Belgium)

Goals - Deniz Yilmaz, 5, Aydin Yilmaz, 45+1, Mustafa Pektemek, 49, penalty, Mustafa Pektemek, 60, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, 71, Yigit Gyokoglan, 72, Artak Dashyan, 81.

ARMENIA - Edvard Hovhannisyan, Karlen Mkrtchyan (Artak Edigaryan, 74), Karen Khachatryan, Gagik Daghbashyan, Artak Andrikyan, Hirac Yagan (Davit Manoyan, 60), Artur Yuspashyan (Artashes Arakelyan, 54), Artak Dashyan, Gevorg Ghazaryan, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Hovhannes Goharyan.

Substitutes - Gevorg Prazyan, Edgar Malakyan, Levon Hayrapetyan, Sargis Karapetyan.

Head Coach - Flemming Serritslev

TURKEY - Volkan Babacan, Yigit Gokoglan, Ferhat Bikmaz (Tunay Acar, 58), Serdar Kesimal, Aykut Demir, Murat Ceylan, Aydin Yilmaz, Necip Uysal, Mustafa Pektemek, Deniz Yilmaz (Omer Sismanoglu, 63), Ferhat Kiraz (Hasan Ali Kildirim, 50)

Head Coach - Hami Mandirali

Yellow Cards - Hovhannes Goharyan, 23, Deniz Yilmaz, 24, Murat Ceylan, 33, Karlen Mkrtchyan, 58.

Red Cards - Gagik Dahgbashyan, 48, Omer Hasan Sismanoglu, 78.

Post-match reactions

Flemming Serritslev, Armenia U-21 National Team Head Coach

It was a disaster for us. I’m too disappointed with the result. Turkey team deserved the victory. This match clearly showed the problems we have. The defense was very week. We must have strong defense to play against such a strong team. All the players and the coaching stuff regret about the match result. But I also would like to say that there were some guys who didn’t lose courage and kept fighting.
We were frequently losing the ball during the first half keeping it at the center of the field for long. Despite that we had several chances to score at the first half. We played better and made more attacks at the end of the second half and you saw the result of that.
As for the goalkeeper I would like to say that I preferred Edvard Hovhannisyan since I thought he was more prepared then Gevorg Prazyan. By the way, I don’t see any reason to blame the goalkeeper for the goals Turkey scored.
Karlen Mkrtchyan played in right defender position and it wasn’t something new for him as he has some experience playing in that position both in his and National teams. I could try Kamo Hovhannisyan in that position but I don’t think it would be right to use such a young player at such a serious and responsible match.

Hami Mandirali, Turkey U-21 National Team Head Coach

First of all I would like to thank Football Federation of Armenia for warm and hearty welcome. I would also like to say that we had a good match. I am very happy and satisfied with the match result and I must say that my guys played really well.
Our coaching stuff agent saw Switzerland vs. Armenia match and Armenia U-21 National Team made a positive and good impression on us. Switzerland played well at the first and Armenia at the second half of the match. We can almost say that the same happened today. It was a match of two good teams. Armenia players managed to fight during the whole match but technical mistakes didn’t let them to achieve a better result.
As for the Turkish journalists’ absence I would like to mention that it was their mistake to miss such a wonderful match.

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