FFA President’s annual statement for the Club licensing season 2010/2011

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Football Federation of Armenia starts the 7th Club Licensing season concerning FFA 2010 and UEFA 2010/11 seasons.
This time, just as during the last season, the clubs achieved a right to play in UEFA club competitions and Armenia Premier League participant teams’ all 8 clubs will participate in the licensing process. During this season Erebuni-Dilijan FC Impuls team will join the licensing process; the team achieved a right to play in the Premier League first time. The licenses will provide the teams a chance to participate in UEFA club competitions and Armenia Premier League.
The Club Licensing process is quite hard and difficult system. It has passed self-affirmation and strengthening difficult tests during the last years becoming one of the FFA activities’ development important components.
In this connection I would like to thank everyone who in one way or another took part in FFA Club Licensing system development.
At the end of the last season FFA Licensing department successfully passed the yearly audit control organized by Swiss SGS Company. The audit control approved the FFA Licensing department and Licensing system high quality once more as well as the system aspiration to achieve international standards.
Basing on the positive results achieved during the last year I think the FFA must continue the same policy within the frames of licensing system, which includes:

• Satisfaction of the clubs’ expectations and needs in the field of licensing.

• The licensing system productive works permanent improvement.

• Strict implementation of Behavior Codex by FFA Club Licensing system member.

• Stringent implementation of FIFA, UEFA and FFA rules.

Every policy implies the presence of several special tasks that FFA Licensing department and system must work out. The mentioned tasks are:

• Comprehensive support for the clubs to fulfill Licensing Manual (version 3.0). Such support will give a permit the clubs to play in Armenia Championship 2010 as well as in European competitions 2010/11 taking place under UEFA aegis.

• Implementation of Licensing Manual published by UEFA and making it corresponding to the club licensing national system.

• Stringent implementation of UEFA Standard (version 2.0) which will give a permit to pass SGS audit control next year successfully.

• Close collaboration with FFA Methodical department in the field of All-European Trainer Convention realization.

• Organization of works in near future (approximately in 2011) to make them meet international standards ISO-9001:2008 which will allow improve Armenian football management and make it better in Europe.

• Football infrastructure improvement in Armenia, making it more convenient and safer.

• Wider interpretation of licensing system, its goals and purposes in press making it more intelligible for football community.

• Complete control and permanent improvement of the works, implementation of the necessary changes.

I would like to mention that the clubs, participating in licensing process have right to expect comprehensive support from FFA Licensing department collaborators to comply with Licensing system demands.

FFA President
Ruben Hayrapetyan

Armenian Development Bank Hummel