Football Federation of Armenia: the Grassroots department activities

It is well known that mass football is the primary stage of big sport and professional football. Mass football development and its promotion in the country make positive impact on football as a sport in general. The grassroots football is one of the most efficient ways to attract children and people of any ages to physical culture and resume their interest in sports.

As the grassroots football includes children’s football, amateur football, women’s football, futsal, disability football and others, we value its role both as popular sport and as noble means for involving different social groups in this activity.

The Grassroots department (the head: Marina Tashchyan) is the structural division of Armenian Football Federation which cooperates closely with other departments. One of the most important achievements of mass football promotion is the project Football in comprehensive schools. In 2008 the Football Federation of Armenia signed an agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Sports and Youth about including football as a regular subject in comprehensive secondary school curriculum within the Republic of Armenia (RA).

Out of three hours of physical culture per week one is devoted to football as a subject. FFA worked out program materials and manuals for physical culture teachers and delivered to all schools. All of 1500 secondary schools have already adopted and implemented this educational program. FFA Grassroots Department instructors organized seminars for the physical culture teachers to establish and apply methods of education.

At the end of December 2009 an extensive program on physical culture teachers training for all the regions was completed. FFA instructors conducted seminars in a form of theoretical and practical trainings. This was followed by distribution of sport equipment and supplies to schools (manuals, balls, cons, pumps, bips).

The Grassroots department staff of the FFA is always positive and open to new ideas and endeavors in order to promote football throughout the country. We follow the UEFA President Michel Platini's suggestion: "We must organize football in a way that as a favorite game it is not a product, rather a wonderful game for the children: an enthralling and pleasant game to be enjoyed by everyone. Mass football this should be the key starting point for us".


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