Coach A License seminar at FFA

On February 6, 2010 Coach A License seminar started at FFA headquarters within the frames of UEFA JIRA referee program. The seminar was conducted by FFA Technical Director Flemming Serritslev. On February 6 and 7 the seminar preamble took place. The seminar in the whole is scheduled till December 2010. It includes a lot of theoretical and practical studies and trainings as well as educational trips intending the presence at one or two European grand clubs’ trainings.
Taking into account the fact that according to Club Licensing new Regulations since 2010 season Armenia Premier League clubs’ head coaches and their first assistants will be required referee A License only, the above mentioned officials are involved in the seminars to avoid problems in the future.

The participants of the seminar are presented below:

Sevada Arzumanyan Ulyses FC
Artur Asoyan Ulyses FC
Rafael Nazaryan Pyunik FC
Varazdat Avetisyan Pyunik FC
Patrik Papyan Pyunka FC
Vardan Bichakhchyan Shirak FC
Ashot Barseghyan Banants FC
Vahe Yaghmuryan Banants FC
Tigran Esayan Ararat FC
Slava Gabrielyan Gandzasar FC
Artashes Adamyan Mika FC
Mamikon Gharibjanyan Mika FC

Except the above mentioned participants FFA coach instructors also took part in the seminar as auditors. The instructors have already gained A License at the previous seminar organized by FFA and they will carry out their duties controlling the trainers during the whole year.

UEFA JIRA program representative Erich Rutemoller (former head coach of Köln FC) was present at the seminar to acquainted himself with the seminar concentration, give lectures and to estimate the seminar course. At the end of his visit Mr. Rutemoller gave an excellent mark to the works done.

On February 6 during the seminar Argentinean physical preparation coach Rodrigo Roldan gave a lecture talking about physical preparation theoretical main points and practical exercises.

FFA coach A License seminar next day is scheduled on March 5, 2010.

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