Ruben Hayrapetyan: Vardan Minasyan proved that he is a first-rate coach

On 26th February, 2010 FFA President Ruben Hayrapetyan’s press conference took place at FFA headquarters during which Armenia National team head coach Vardan Minasyan was presented.

The press conference briefing is presented below:

About Vardan Minasyan’s appointment as the National team head coach

FFA Executive Committee and I made a decision to appoint Vardan Minasyan as Armenia national team head coach. Everyone knows Minasyan very well and I think there is no need to present him.

The appointment reasons

FFA has never claimed about being short of financial assets so the appointment of Vardan Minasyan is not concerned with financial problems. After long discussions with the specialists, journalists and the fans we came to that conclusion. By the way, I was first given such advice by Eduard Markarov last year. During the eight years of my presidency I have always said that there is no competent coach talented for leading our national team. But now we had a specialist who is able to do that. Vardan Minasyan proved that he is a first-rate coach and he will conformably continue working for a long period of time in case of successful performance. His contract lasts at the end of the qualification round and God will, he will continue working.

About the qualification round problems

Everyone knows that I am maximalist and I have never posed a problem to mark time on the bottom. There are no weak or invincible teams. All the teams are strong. We just have to work on our football to make it better and to inspire our players. We need some stability. I know Vardan Minasyan for a long time and there is no need to explain him word for word what I want. He perfectly knows what I exactly demand of him.
Everyone thinks that we are lucky to get in such a weak group. But can you please mention which National team is weak in our group: Slovakia, Ireland, Russia or F.Y.R. of Macedonia? It’s important to understand and our national team is not weak either and I believe in our team.

About the absentees

Karamyans didn’t contact with the federation. I still hope that they will think better and join the team. Otherwise they will have to forget about Armenia National team. They have spread a “virus” among the team: increasingly more players started joining national team training camps just when they want to. We now have some players who may not take part in the upcoming match with Belarus. I can give you the names: Gevorg Kasparov, Artur Edigaryan and Robert Arzumanyan. The federation is busy with persuading them to join the team today. Arzumanyan contacted with the federation to ask for permission for not joining the team this time and Edigaryan applied to the federation in written form telling that he wants to come to the training camp but the President of his club took his passport and doesn’t give it back not letting him to come. Only Karamyans and Kasparov refused to join the team. Kasparov says that he has got his head injured so he can’t take a plane.
As for Henrikh Mkhitaryan I want to tell you that I gave him permission for not coming as he had a very important match to play. I am responsible for that.
Every player must play devotedly in the National team and we cannot attract the players to join the team persuading them.
Roman Berezovski wanted to leave football not long ago but we asked him to stay and continue playing as we need him in our national team. Berezovski stayed, as you see.

Ruben Hayrapetyan called to unite around the national team at the end of the conference. “An Armenian coach is appointed as our National team head coach for the first time during the last eight years. I wish we all unite around our national team helping and attending it”, the President said.

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