FFA President meets the clubs’ presidents and head coaches

On March 22 FFA President Ruben Hayrapetyan met the presidents and head coaches of the First and Premier League clubs. Congratulating the presents on the championship start Ruben Hayrapetyan suggested discussing the championship various problems and making a suggestion about them.

Mika FC Technical Director Armen Petikyan made two suggestions:
1. To play the championship matches with a one company made ball.
2. Let the player take part in the matches (all the fines will function in the future) Instead of disqualifying them after getting 6 yellow cards.

The first suggestion was accepted but the second one was refused.

Shirak FC Vice President Andranik Adamyan suggested providing Akhuryan stadium for Gyumri youth teams, which will let keeping Gyumri City stadium turf in high and stabile conditions.

Ruben Hayrapetyan called the presents to pay attention to discipline in the clubs avoiding the disputes with the referees within the limits of the possible as well as regular working with the fans and supporters.

Later Mr. Hayrapetyan met the referees and observers who will serve the Premier and the First League championship matches. Various questions about referee and observer activities were discussed during the meeting.

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