UEFA award FFA Mass Football department

On 25 March, 2010 UEFA regular congress took place in Tel Aviv during which UEFA Executive Committee meeting was arranged. The Committee decided to present rewards in UEFA Grassroots Football following nominations: “The best leader”, “The best program”, “The best club”. The winners will be awarded with diplomas and balls.
53 UEFA member National Associations were awarded only 9. Armenia was among the mentioned 9 countries. UEFA will present the third place reward to FFA Mass Football department (head of department Marina Tashchyan) in Best Grassroots Project 2010 nomination for mass football developing.
Football Federation of Armenia participates in all UEFA Grassroots Football programs since 2003. The programs’ purpose is developing mass football in all UEFA member countries.
We have already informed before that Football Federation of Armenia has gained UEFA diploma for Most Valuable Grassroots Football Event in 2007 as well as four other diplomas in 2008 for: Best Disabled Grassroots Football Event, Deaf-and-Dumb Championship, Best Grassroots Futsal Event, Best Veterans Grassroots Football Event and Open Fun Football Schools, Most Valuable Grassroots Football Event.

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