Flemming Serritslev: “I am proud of this team”.

On 20 May Armenia U-21 National team celebrated a 3:2 victory over Estonia within the frames of 2011 European Championship. Our team head coach Flemming Serritslev answered the journalists’ questions after returning home from Tallinn.

It was a very difficult match but we played very well. We knew how Estonia was going to play: mostly in defense and attacking with long passes upstairs transferring the ball into the opponent’s field. Taking into account these all we chose two plans to play. First one was to force the opponent to move forward, in other words, trying to make free space between the opponent’s defense and midfield in order to be able to make swift attacks. The second variant was pressing on the opponent’s field.
10 minutes later after the kick-off time it was clear that the first plan was not going to work so we started playing according to the second one. Zaven Badoyan and Henrikh Mkhitaryan were pressing on the central defenders, Edgar Malakyan and Gevorg Ghazaryan fulfilled the same duties in the flanks. We more or less could manage to realize the second plan.
Our team could perform really well on a very bad field. Since the out match against Turkey out team finally mustered up his courage and started using the pressing during the out matches particularly. Because of the already mentioned strategy we created many chances to score at the last 5 matches. Everyone who has watched the match against Estonia will agree that the match score doesn’t completely correspond with the developments that took place on the field; we had much more chances to score.
The best thing is that our team distinctly improved its play. We now perform according to the rules of modern attacking style football.
I am really proud of this team and I think that Armenia must also feel proud to have such a good team.

Zaven Badoyan played his first match for Armenia U-21 National team. What kind of impression did he leave?
Yes, as you mentioned, he played his first match for the National team and I would like to say that he made really good impression on me. The players often don’t get used to the team playing style easily without team-trainings, but Zaven managed to quickly overpass that obstacle owing to good technical preparedness.

Armenia U-21 National team completes 2011 European Championship qualifying round with the matches against Georgia. Are you acquainted with their game?
I have watched the videos of Georgia U-21 National team matches and I must say that they have a good team. They played especially well against Turkey and won the match 4:0. I would like to mention two players, Zhano Ananidze particularly. He is technically prepared and acts correctly. Having such a good tactic he doesn’t abuse individual play and always knows when to pass the ball. I understand that the matches against Georgia are special since we are neighbors. We have the same thing in my country Denmark when we play against Sweden. At such matches we have to show our football and play our way instead of obeying the opponent’s playing style.

How would you appreciate Armenia U-21 National team facilities at the current qualifying round?
I have to say that we had a very difficult start. The calendar was not convenient as we had to play the first four matches against the group leaders. Besides, Armenia U-21 National team started the season with a new head coach and without any friendly matches while our main opponents had played 4 friendly matches. We surly still have chances to occupy the second place in the group and we will do our best for that. Of course, it will not be easy to do since the opponents will gain the advantage in case of equal points as we have already lost against Switzerland and Turkey.

Are there any players in Armenian clubs who can strengthen our National team in near future?
I would like to mention Valter Poghosyan. I noticed him at the last Banants vs. Mika match. He is very quick and has got a lot of developing good qualities. I invited to the National team the players who are quick and well prepared technically.
There are some good players in U-19 National team as well who also can strengthen the team in near future. Pyunik defender Varazdat Haroyan has all facilities to become a very good player. I would like to mention Grisha Khachatryan and Armen Zaqaryan from Banants as well.

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