FFA B license regular seminar over

FFA official website had informed the readers that FFA B license seminar has started on June 27, 2010. According to the new regulations the seminar would consist of 4 stages and be over on September 30, 2010 with a final examination.

On July 23-30, 2010 Football Federation of Armenia organized the second stage of the seminar.

In comparison with the previous first stage the second one included more practical works. During a week the participants had a chance to attend the FFA instructors’ theoretical lectures and implement all that with the participation of youth teams and under the instructors’ control.

The FFA instructor Abraham Khashmanyan spoke about the seminar: “This B license seminar differs from the previous ones. It consists of several stages and because of that it is more productive and accessible. The seminar was organized during 21 days in the past and it was really difficult or the participants. Now I can say that we don’t have such problem and I hope that the upcoming stages of the seminar will be organized on a high level as well.”

We would like to remind our reader that the seminar next stage will be organized on August 13-15.

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