The world unites in fair play and respect

The Football Federation of Armenia and its President, Mr. Ruben Hayrapetyan, appeal to the players, referees, fans and officials to praise and promote the spirit of fair play and respect throughout the country on the FIFA Fair Play Days.

FIFA is holding its 14th annual FIFA Fair Play Days during the official match days from 3 to 7 September 2010. This initiative has the personal support of FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter and UEFA President, Michel Platini.

Fair play and respect are essential to our sport and to everyone involved in it, declared FFA President. “We need to cherish and nurture the values of sporting spirit and work tirelessly to keep up the momentum. We are appealing to all football fans in Armenia to help us to celebrate these days.”

FIFA and UEFA recognize the fundamental role of fair play and respect in sport and the need to apply it to all sporting activities, including children’s activities. “Children need strong values to grow up with, and football, being a team sport, makes them realise how essential discipline, respect, team spirit and fair play are for the game and for life. FIFA’s Fair Play campaign involves much more than simply promoting fair play on the pitch during a competition. FIFA is committed to encouraging fair play in society too, beginning with our future – with children,” said President Blatter. President Platini said: Respect is a key principle of football. Respect for the game, players, match officials, opponents and supporters. UEFA will not tolerate racism or any other forms of discrimination, either on the pitch, in the stands or in the cities. The color of the skin is invisible under the jersey. Football is a breeding ground for fraternity and diversity: we are all equal with a ball at our feet and UEFA will continue to promote civic commitments, the struggle against social ills and will defend the major humanitarian principles. Let’s get together and show respect!

These are the 14th annual FIFA Fair Play Days to be celebrated since their introduction in 1997. In previous years, activities were held in dozens of countries around the world, in the field of amateur and top-flight football and in many public projects.

FFA Media Department

FIFA Media Department, UEFA Media Services

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