Vardan Minasyan: "If we beat Russia, I would not consider it a sensation"

On December 6, head coach of Armenia national team and FC Pyunik Vardan Minasyan, summed up the season, including the issues related to the national team.

On February 9, the Armenian team will play a friendly match in Cyprus with Georgia national team. Vardan Minasyan noted that the team plans to play another match in early February, but the opponent has not determined yet.

"Good results in friendlies are important from a psychological point of view, although we will not only focus on results", - said Vardan Minasyan.

On the eve of the qualifying match against Russia, scheduled for 26th March, the head coach wants to see the candidates for the national team, as well as newcomers who can called up to the main team.

To the question whether Armenia can beat Russia, Vardan Minasyan gave the following answer. "If you look at statistics, then Russia was defeated by Slovakia 0:1, we beat the same Slovaks 3:1, so that everything is possible. In general, it is very important in what form will be the team on matchday, and if we manage to win against Russia, I do not think that it would not be a sensation. "

"We decided on a generational shift in the national team because we felt that the national team former players had no incentive to play, not enough motivation. We have invited 9-10 players from the Under-21 team, on which we create the backbone of the team. I think that the formation of team squad partially satisfied. "

"Selection works in progress. I would like to highlight the Dutch FC Ajax midfielder Araz Ozbiliz, who left a good impression in the last game for his club. If before I thought Araz ready to play for the national Under-21 team, at the present time, I believe that it can be useful and for the national team. "

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