“National” licenses granted to all Top Division clubs

Օn 15 February the FFA Licensing Committee (LC - First Instance Body) meeting took place in the FFA headquarters, purposed to determine those clubs, which deserve “national” licences for participation in Armenia’s Top Division championship 2011.

The meeting was conducted by the LC Chairman, Head of the FFA Competitions Unit, Mr. Ara Lopoyan with participation of the LC Deputy Chairwoman, Ms. Satenik Amiranyan, members Hakob Hambartsumyan and Hrachya Ghambaryan. The FFA Licensing Department was represented by Licensing Manager Arno Sargsyan, Deputy Licensing Manager Artur Azaryan and experts.

During January 2011 clubs provided the FFA Licensing Department with their documentation corresponding to the FFA Club Licensing Regulation’s non-financial criteria (namely sporting, personnel-administrative, legal and infrastructure), based on which necessary inspections and then reports for the LC were carried out by the FFA Licensing Department’s experts. All results were introduced in details by Arno Sargsyan during the meeting.
Based on that information, the Licensing Committee issued its decision to grant “national” licenses to all Top Division clubs – FC “Pyunik”, FC “Banants”, FC “Ulisses”, FC “Mika”, FC “Gandzasar”, FC “Shirak”, “Ararat” FC and SC “Erebuni-Dilijan”.
Anyway, this “licensing season” is not over yet. 8 April is a new deadline for license applicants (clubs), claiming to participate in UEFA club competitions of season 2011/2012. This time they will present their financial documentation, based on which decision on illegibility of their participation in those competitions will be issued.


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