Valentin Ivanov held a regular meeting of the Armenian referees

Armenia Premier and first league matches serving referees conducted a training camp from 26 to 30 July in Football Academy. This time the camp was conducted by FIFA specialists, FIFA former referee Valentin Ivanov and FIFA physical training specialist Grzegorz Krzosek.

The camp was full of theoretical and practical trainings, referees gave a physical conditions test, watched and analyzed referees work and theirs decisions in Armenia Premier League FC Mika vs. FC Pyunik match. Valentin Ivanov introduced the changes of the rules of game and other innovations, run practical courses for referees and assistants. Along with him practical courses were conducted by Grzegorz Krzosek and FFA chief of Refereee Department Karen Nalbandyan.

Concluding the training camp Mr. Ivanov expressed his gratitude to the Football Federation of Armenia to organize the meetings and expressed hope that the young referees will continue to remain loyal to the profession, underlined that the work is the only condition for success.

Afterwards FFA's first vice-president and chief executive Armen Minasyan thanked FIFA specialists for their work and also stressed the importance of hard work and dedication to become a qualified referee.
After the meeting certificates were granted to all participants.

The pictures form training you can see here

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