Champions League. Pyunik 0-4 Viktoria

Pyunik has started in UEFA Champions League second qualifying round. Armenia champion played with Viktoria from Plzen on July 14. Czech Republic best team overpowered Pyunik by all components of play and as a result scored four times.

Goals in this match started after a foul of Kamo Hovhannisyan. On 7th minute Pyunik defender lost the ball near his penalty area, the last came to Petrzela, who with strict pass found Marek Bakos. Forward’s head strike was brilliant and Karen Israelyan could not save the net.

Petrzela was the most active among the players of away team and kept a permanent pressure on Pyunik defence. Israelyan’s good play saved his team from several goals, but he anyway couldn’t save Pyunik from two strikes from penalty spots. Pavel Horvath and Marek Bakos again scored two more goals.

In second half the teams were played a little slowly. As a result quantity dangerous attacks is decreased, but on 72nd minute Viktoria scored for the fourth time. After a corner kick Daniel Kolar found the hosts’ net. The late dangerous moment Pyunik had on 85th minute, when the ball after Malakyan strike hit the post.
Second leg match scheduled on Plzen on July 19.

Match statistics can be found here

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