Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Herewith the Football Federation of Armenia officially launches its 9th regular club licensing cycle for participants of Armenia’s Top Division Championship-2012/2013 and those sportingly qualified for participation in the UEFA club competitions (season 2012/2013).
This season distinguishes from the previous ones, since the 21st championship will be transitive and will last longer than the previous championships. Hereafter the championship will be held through the autumn-spring system according to the November 24th decision of the FFA Executive Committee.
In any case, the club licensing procedure will be performed in its normal way. I have already directed the necessary guidelines to the FFA Licensing department and have no doubt that our licensors, as usual, will provide the clubs with the required comprehensive assistance to ensure their compliance with the club licensing system requirements. Moreover, these works have already started as far as a seminar for the Top Division clubs have taken place in November this year, where the requirements for Club licensing system were introduced to the persons in charge for the clubs.
Meantime, I do expect an extremely responsible attitude towards their duties from the clubs' side, as the latter will allow completing the current season successfully.
Another nuance that makes this season special is the new FFA Club Licensing System Regulations (2011 edition) approved by the FFA Executive Committee on 14 November 2011. The document is based on the UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations and offers new, more complex and improved criteria, which require many efforts from the clubs.
Maintaining the established tradition and based on the previous seasons experience, I'm introducing you the fundamentals of the FFA Club Licensing System.

- Satisfaction of the clubs’ needs and expectations with regard to the FFA Club Licensing System, assistance in club governance issues and protection of their rights
- Striving for continual improvement and popularization of the FFA Club Licensing System;
- Meeting the Code of Ethics of the FFA Club Licensing System
- Meeting the applicable laws of the Republic of Armenia and regulations of FIFA, UEFA and the FFA;
- Analysis of the European club licensing best practice and its application;
- Development of clubs' and FFA infrastructure in accordance with the requirements of FIFA, UEFA and FFA;
- Arrangement of conditions for the further development of youth football on the territory of the Republic of Armenia;
- Comprehensive assistance to clubs within the frames of coach education and refresher courses;
- Comprehensive assistance to clubs for the application of the UEFA Financial Fair Play.

- Issue of licenses to clubs participating in the Top Division championship of Armenia and UEFA official club competitions;
- Elaboration of the lines of development of the FFA Club Licensing System
- Governance of the FFA Club Licensing System, coordination of operations, identification of development plans and supervision of the further implementation;
- Assistance in educational and refresher courses for the FFA clubs' staff (coaches, medical staff, press officers, etc.);
- Issue of licenses to the clubs' coaches and other experts, whose performance requires an appropriate permission according to the requirements of the FIFA, UEFA and FFA;
- Comprehensive assistance to the FFA clubs participating in the international tournaments;
- Establishment, development of relations and cooperation with other National Associations, UEFA and FIFA within the frames of application of the club licensing system;
- Participation in designing and practical application of the FFA strategical development plan;
- Implementation of control over application of the FFA Club Licensing Regulations, orders and other legal acts by the FFA, as well as similar documents by FIFA and UEFA;
- FFA clubs' documentation and archive records calculations and statistics, publication of annual reports on the FFA Club Licensing System activities;
- Constant communication with mass media of the Republic of Armenia and international social web sites for popularization of the FFA Club Licensing System;
- Submission of proposals on construction and renovation of football construction projects, improvement of material and technical basis and in case of need participation in such projects independently, as well as jointly with the state and local authorities and private enterprises;
- Ensuring informational, methodological and advisory assistance to clubs in financial, legal, personnel, sporting and other issues.

These are the objectives set within the framework of the FFA Club Licensing System for the upcoming 3 years.
Undoubtedly, the work will be implemented in accordance with the aforesaid policy and objectives. This will bring us not only to the further development of the FFA Club Licensing System, but also to the compliance to the minimal European standards and improvement of the club work in the area of financial, personnel, infrastructure, legal and sporting criteria.
At the Football Federation of Armenia we are absolutely convinced in the right direction of the route taken and we will proceed working consecutively and precisely for the fulfillment of our fundamental goals, and the club licensing system is the key element of this plan.

FFA President R. Hayrapetyan
Yerevan 28 December 2011

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