FFA Staff with New Academic Degrees. UEFA Honours Education Graduates

Contributing to the professional management of football across Europe has long been one of the UEFA’s goals. To this end and in cooperation with the Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration at the University of Lausanne (IDHEAP), UEFA has developed a series of educational initiatives tailored to its national associations. The objective of these programmes is to allow national association staff at any level to enhance and formalize the professionally obtained practical knowledge and to acquire academic recognition for their work in the form of certificates, diplomas and also master’s degrees.
The first level of the academic programme, UEFA Certificate in Football Management (UEFA CFM) was launched by UEFA in 2010. The program covered the main areas of management within a national football association: the organization of football, strategic and performance management, operational management, event management, marketing and sponsorship, internal and external communication. Through careful selection of numerous applications from all 53 NAs (each NA could introduce maximum 2 candidates), the UEFA and IDHEAP selected 33 participants. The FFA representatives were Arno Sargsyan and Satenik Amiranyan, the head of the Licensing and International departments accordingly, who successfully completed the programme and were granted the UEFA CFM certificates with the highest honours.
The success of the UEFA CFM programme guaranteed the launch of the second step of the e-learning programme, namely the UEFA Diploma in Football Management (UEFA DFM). This eight-month programme aimed at helping the UEFA member associations’ middle management to continue to develop professionally and in particular with regard to the operational management of football. It covered four main areas of operational management within a national football association: managing volunteers, stadium management, marketing operations and public relations and media. The programme was composed of one online introductory module, three face-to-face seminars, one match visit (UEFA Europa League) and four four-week online learning modules, each of them being developed by an academic expert (specialist in the subject) with the support of a UEFA professional expert. After successfully completing the mentioned steps, assignments and final exam, the UEFA DFM participants were to be awarded a Diploma in Football Management by IDHEAP.
The UEFA DFM officially launched in September 2011 and ran until May 2012, with the final exam and award ceremony on 10 and 11 May accordingly. The FFA was successfully represented by the Head of the International department Satenik Amiranyan and the former FFA Licensing Manager Arno Sargsyan was promoted to the UEFA Stadium Manager.
The FFA was also represented in the 2nd edition of the UEFA CFM programme by Lala Yeritsyan, the FFA Grassroots department specialist.
The UEFA DFM and CFM award ceremony took place at the UEFA HQ and was opened by the UEFA General Secretary Mr. Gianni Infantino. The diplomas and certificates were granted to the participants by Professor Chappelet, the Dean of the IDHEAP and Mr. Thomas Junod, UEFA’s Universities Coordinator.
In addition, from September 2010 to February 2012 UEFA launched the Executive Master in European Sport Governance (MESGO) that aimed at understanding the forthcoming key challenges, dynamics and development of European Sport Governance. The FFA First Vice-President and Executive Director Armen Minasyan successfully participated in the academic course.

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