Training-Seminar at the FFA headquarters in connection to the new FIFA Transfer Matching System (TMS)

A training-seminar was held at the FFA headquarters on 30 May 2012 within the framework of FIFA Transfer Matching System (TMS). The TMS representatives of 7 top division clubs of the Armenian Championship were present at the seminar. The event was organized by the FFA International department and was conducted by the FFA TMS Manager Ms. Naira Abramyan.

The seminar was dedicated to the new transfer system that became compulsory as of 4 June 2012. Thus, participants were introduced the major changes and innovations taken place in the TMS.

Special videos and instructions dedicated to the new TMS functions were presented at the seminar.

The theoretical part was followed by the practical session during which the participants made use of the test version of the new electronic system ( by entering fake transfers.

The seminar provided the participants with an opportunity to get better used to the new version of TMS.

The photos of seminar-training you can see here

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