Sargis Hovsepyan is 2008 Armenia best player
On December 23 Football 17th Awards 2008 ceremony took place. We will notify about the ceremony details a little later. Now let us introduce Armenia best player 2008 voting results. The best player of the year is determined by FFA press office questioning in which Pyunik FC, Gandzasar FC, Mika FC, Banants FC, Ulysses FC, Shirak FC and Kilikia FC presidents took part, as well as the clubs’ head coaches and training stuffs, the referees and inspectors who served STAR National League matches and the press representatives. Ararat FC refused voting for the best player.... more »

Armenia Football 17th Awards Ceremony takes place
On December 23 Armenia Football 17th Awards Ceremony took place at FFA Headquarters. After the speech of welcome the spectators were shown 2008 concluding football clip. The first Champion Cup, gold medals and diplomas were awarded to futsal champion Politekhnik. Karen Mikaelyan (Politekhnik FC) was awarded as the best forward and Grigor Kapukranyan (Tal Grig FC) as the best football player of the year. Tal Grig FC in its turn made a present for “90 rope” sports newspaper for the best futsal interpretation in Armenia. Then Shengavit players were invited to the... more »

Armenia national team will play with Latvia
Armenia football federation and Latvia football federation concluded an agreement to play friendly international match. This match is staged in Cyprus on 11th February 2009. more »

Armenia is on 113th place in FIFA Coca Cola ranking
Armenia moved down 3 places in FIFA Coca Cola ranking, issued on December 17 and occupied 113th position. Spain occupied top spot. Italy is the second, followed by Netherlands. 1. Spain – 1663 (points) 2. Germany - 1381 3. Netherlands - 1338 4. Italy - 1326 5. Brazil- 1246 6. Argentina - 1180 7. Croatia - 1142 8. England - 1115 9. Russia - 1103 10. Turkey - 1016 15. Ukraine - 909 51. Lithuania - 583 54. Belgium - 548 61. Bosnia-Herzegovina - 517 67. Latvia - 485 72. Uzbekistan - 463 84. Belarus - 420 97. Moldova -... more »

Karen Nalbandyan appointed as referee of CIS and Baltic States Commonwealth Cup
CIS and Baltic States Commonwealth Cup will take place on January 17-25 in Moscow. FFA Referee Committee made a decision to appoint Karen Nalbandyan to represent Armenia at the competitions. more »

FFA President program announcement concerning Club Licensing season 2009/2010
Ladies and gentlemen, With this announcement FFA starts Club Licensing System 6th season concerning FFA 2009 season and UEFA 2009/10 season. All the clubs which achieved the right to play under the UEFA aegis will take part in Licensing process as well as Armenia National League participant 8 clubs this time as during the preceding season. Achieving the License will give the clubs right to take part in aforementioned competitions. Being quite complicated and laborious system Club Licensing process has passed through self-affirmation, strengthening and... more »

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